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Since 2016, I have been developing a body of work inspired by the French Creole folklore of Missouri, which has resulted in three short animations, Les Vouèsins, Chasse Galerite, and La Vieille Femme Qui Lave. Storytelling remains central to the culture and has played a crucial role in preservation efforts for the local French dialect. Below is a collection of stills and studies from these films, followed by previous work. 

Petit Jean is a farmer.
He also happens to be the devil’s neighbor. 

Chasse Galerite is a passionate hunter whose untamed desire often leads him into trouble.

Illustration for Chronicles of St. Joachim’s of the Old Mine, a forthcoming book retracing the history of the parish at the heart of Missouri’s French Creole community, directed by Kent Beaulne dit Bone, 2024.

Stills from La Vieille Femme Qui Lave 

Euphrosine Politte lived next to the train tracks in Cadet, Missouri. Drying her laundry was an ordeal.

This animation was inspired by her great-nephew’s memory of her travails and an archival recording of local fiddlers Charlie Pashia and Joe “Dave” Politte playing The Irish Washerwoman, courtesy of the Missouri Friends of the Folk Arts. 

selected works and sketchbook pages
2011 - 2023

The Exodus, Order Number 11.
In August of 1863, in the aftermath of the Lawrence Massacre, families throughout Western Missouri were forced to abandon their homes as the Union Army attempted to quell the violence of the Kansas-Missouri border war.
Commissioned by Tom Rafiner, in the collection of the Center for Missouri Studies.

Frankie Baker, 1899
Still from Inquisitive Vignettes, an animation directed by Brian Hawkins, 2014