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As we live, we record. We try to remember, and we leave traces. We construct the narrative of our lives from a collection of memories of key events. Sometimes, these memories are fortified by photographs, souvenirs, or places, but the passage of time is constantly reshaping and eroding our perceptions of these artifacts. We are left to ponder what has been preserved.

I am particularly interested in these vagaries of memory and historical narrative and where they spill over into the realm of fiction. The stories we tell, whether they are grounded in reality or imagination, help us form a deeper understanding of ourselves and our place in the world. They shape us, just as we shape them.

As a visual artist with a musical background, I like to make work that unfolds over time. My cut-paper animations are drawn from memories, historical, and literary sources. The images I produce, whether time-based or still, are rooted in the Missouri landscape I am most intimately acquainted with.